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Drones, Home
Drones, Home
Drones, Home
Drones, Home

FlyingBasket develops unmanned aerial vehicles, or more simply said, multicopter drones that carry heavy payloads to mountainous areas, islands, and other remote areas that are difficult to access with conventional motorized vehicles. In addition to load transportation, we provide, on request, services for civil protection, cable stretching, monitoring, multi-sensor-analysis, and other personalized services.

We do it all, from designing and building the drones to maintaining them in the actual in-flight operation. Safety and cost-efficiency are our priority. We are constantly improving our components in order to expand our range of services and to be able to fly further. We also work closely with EASA and ENAC to ensure that all required aviation safety measures are met.

We believe that the implementation of drones will have a positive impact in our society and give access to services that have otherwise been difficult and costly to attain.

Load transportation drone FB3


Drones, Home

8 rotors
Drones, Home Swappable battery
Drones, Home Up to 100kg of payload
(170kg in total)
Drones, Home 70kg empty weight
Drones, Home From 15 to 50 minutes
flight  time


Drones, Home

Our drones and single components have been thoughtfully tested and approved by the aviation authorities.
You have not found what you were looking for? We also offer personalized models. Get in touch with us and we will find a solution.

Why using drones?

Not sure if a drone meets your needs better than a helicopter? What conditions must be met to ensure that drones can be an attractive alternative to helicopters for the transport of goods.

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