FlyingBasket launches The FB3

Commercial Heavy-Lift Cargo Drone with 100kg Payload capabilities.

FlyingBasket, a leading player in Europe's drone industry, proudly presents the FB3, a pioneering heavy cargo drone now available for commercial use. With an impressive 100-kilogram payload capacity. 

Since its establishment in 2015, FlyingBasket has been at the forefront of collaboration with National and European regulators, actively shaping and adhering to the highest safety standards in current European regulations.  

With a solid seven-year background in drone design, manufacturing, and operations, FlyingBasket has played a significant role in the evolution of the drone industry. The FB3 is the result of extensive research, development with industrial stakeholders, and practical testing. 

The FB3 stands as evidence of FlyingBasket's dedication to excellence in which they have poured their collective knowledge and expertise into an innovative platform, aiming to deliver the best to drone operators. 

The journey with the FB3 drone has been marked by extensive testing and collaboration with customers across various industries, enabling them to tailor its capabilities to meet specific and relevant needs. At FlyingBasket, they have always provided a Drone-as-a-Service solution, constantly evolving their equipment and gaining valuable insights into diverse applications. 

The FB3's outstanding heavy cargo transport and lifting capability has been rigorously demonstrated in a wide range of environments, including forests, wind parks, and urban settings.  

Now, with the FB3 available for use, drone operators worldwide can expand their service offerings and meet the evolving demands of their customers. The FB3 offers two versatile cargo transport options: a spacious box compartment for package delivery and a sling rope option for oversized cargo, allowing it to transport even bulky loads. 

The introduction of heavy-lift cargo drones, like the FB3, marks a significant milestone in the logistics industry. These drones have the potential to revolutionize various sectors by streamlining the transportation of heavy equipment to remote and demanding locations. This innovation not only enhances worker safety but also significantly improves operational efficiency. The use of cargo drones opens up exciting possibilities for businesses looking to overcome logistical challenges and explore new avenues for growth. 

“The FB3 commercial availability is another milestone in the roadmap of FlyingBasket, who continuously commit to innovation, safety, and excellence within the drone industry. It represents a significant leap forward in cargo transportation possibilities. We are excited about the potential it holds for various industries” – states Moritz Moroder, the CEO of FlyingBasket. 

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