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After years of development and testing, it is now available to everyone!

Years of research, development, and dedicated services with the FB3 heavy-lift cargo drone have led us to a perfected system able to achieve some of the most challenging milestones in the industry. Now, we are putting the power in your hands, allowing you to take control of the extraordinary strength and capabilities of our drone. With an unrivaled combination of payload capacity and compact size, the FB3 redefines the possibilities for businesses, communities, institutions, and anyone prepared to embark on a logistics journey.

The FB3 drone opens new horizons, ready to transform the way you operate and make a long-lasting impact.

Versatile Payload Capacity 

The UAV has been thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind, granting you the remarkable capability to lift payloads of up to 100kg. This exceptional strength allows you to  effortlessly  carry a multitude of payloads of various shapes and dimensions effortlessly giving you freedom to adapt to your specific operational requirements.

Compact Yet Powerful 

The FB3 redefines flexibility and deployment convenience. Despite its impressive capabilities, it boasts a compact design, weighing only 70kg while being able to lift up to 100kg. Disassembly is unnecessary during transportation; it’s ready to fly at a moment’s notice. It’s so compact it fits inside a van or a trailer ready to fly.

Powered by Batteries 

Our custom-made smart batteries provide power to all UAV systems. This design choice makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for cargo deployment, as it reduces emissions and minimizes your environmental impact.

FB3 Ground Control Station (GCS) 

Serving as your operational command center, it offers an array of intuitive input devices, crystal-clear screens including forward - looking   camera screen and downward -looking  camera screen  and the main mission screen description   that provides continuous oversight of the payload at all times.

The GCS provides telemetry, live video feeds and seamless connectivity to ground units through a range of versatile datalinks.   Incredibly, this all-in-one GCS is ingeniously housed within a compact suitcase, enhancing its mobility and convenience.

FB3 Characteristics

Dimensions 1600x1600x412mm
Up to 100 kg of payload
70 kg empty weight
Up to 30m/s of speed
4 Swappable Li-Ion batteries
1h charging time
Operational temperature  -10°C to +45°
Direct Remote ID
Flight range:
5Kg 25Kg 50Kg 75Kg 100Kg
25Km 20Km 15Km 5Km 2,5Km
* estimated, excluding contingencies such as wind effects, etc…

Let's talk about safety

Safety is paramount in every aspect of FB3's design, which is why it incorporates an array of cutting-edge safety features to enhance your confidence and ensure secure operations:

Flight Termination

The FTS system ensures precise control over your UAV, allowing you to maintain it within the Ground Risk Buffer


The ADS-B receiver provides real-time information on nearby aircraft, further enhancing safety by helping you avoid airspace conflicts.

Propulsion System Redundancy

 In the event of motor controller, motor, battery, or short circuit failures, this system ensures that your drone can continue to operate safely

Radar AGL

The Radar AGL sensor is invaluable for terrain-following flights, obstacle avoidance, and overall mission safety.

Optimized Signal Connectivity 

The FB3 excels in transmitting critical flight control data and telemetry,  allowing operability e in Beyond Visual Line of Sight scenarios.

Battery-Powered Propulsion

We proudly engineer these four robust batteries in-house, providing the essential power source for the eight propulsion units that drive the FB3.

With these advanced safety features working in concert, the FB3 offers a comprehensive safety framework, allowing you to operate with confidence, precision, and peace of mind in a variety of mission scenarios. 

Choose the options for your journey

FB3 - Sling Payload

As part of your FB3 experience, particularly if you opt for the sling configuration, you'll have access to our in-house designed remote-controlled load hook. There are no limits to the things you can carry.

With the simple use of a two-position switch on the remote control, you can effortlessly lift and detach loads of up to 100kg at your delivery area.


  •  FB3 base configuration: FB3 UAV, mobile ground station, one set of batteries, 15kW charger, transport box

  • Sling Cargo Option: load structure, remote control load hook, and one cargo sling


76.900 €

FB3 - Cargo Box

Introducing the FB3 equipped with a cargo compartment—an innovative solution for drone transportation specifically designed to accommodate diverse payloads. Featuring generous interior dimensions measuring 81cm in length, 35cm in width, and 30cm in height, this compartment is purpose-built to handle payloads weighing up to 33kg. It's meticulously designed to offer you the perfect fit for your operational needs!


  •  FB3 base configuration: FB3 UAV, mobile ground station, one set of batteries, 15kW charger, transport box

  •  Cargo box option: 33kg, 81*31*30cm cargo box 


75.900 €



Experience flexible heavy-lift drone transport with our trailer. Designed for fast accessibility at every operational site reachable by vehicles, it will be part of your drone missions.  There is no need to disassemble the drone for transportation, opening the panels of the trailer will reveal a ready-to-fly UAV

High-power Battery Charger

Our team has meticulously designed the FB3 battery charger to deliver a high-power, safe, and efficient charging experience. With the added advantage of real-time monitoring, you can trust that your batteries are charged with precision and confidence, ensuring performance for your drone missions.

Additional Batteries

To harness the complete potential of the FB3 heavy-lift cargo drone, consider adding extra battery sets to your equipment. This strategic choice empowers you to conduct flight-to-flight operations and plan missions efficiently. When paired with our charger, you gain the ability to recharge these additional batteries on-site, ensuring you have the time and resources needed for successful, efficient, and continuous operations.

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Our representatives will contact you after the deposit payment to help you finalize your FB3 order.

Once we confirm the production slot, you have 7 days to finalize the order, or get a full refund.
Current estimated delivery Q3 2024.

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