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Discover Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, a city where the past and the future are connected and shape the everyday life of the city. Recently the city has made innovation and sustainability the focus of its strategy to create an environment where it is possible to look at the future, while maintaining a strong connection to its identity. Some examples? Today about 38% of South Tyrol's energy consumption already stems from renewable energy sources and mobility is an important part of the strategy to reduce the CO2 footprint. In Bolzano for instance, you will be able to move around the city by using a fleet of green hydrogen-powered buses that produce no harmful emissions, or you can travel around thanks to the network of cycle paths that amounts to almost 50 kilometers.

Bus service in Bolzano
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Cycling in Bolzano
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Here you will find yourself immersed in a unique cultural mix. The North and the South, the Mediterranean and the Alpine meet in Bolzano, creating a unique environment thanks to this combination. 

You will be able to enjoy the different architectural styles that reflect the long history of this city. Walk around the city center, the commercial heart of the old town and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature as you walk along the many promenades that climb the sunny slopes. Get on your bike and pedal along the cycle paths through Bolzano. By taking one of the cable cars from the center you can also reach the surrounding peaks of the South Tyrolean capital in just a few minutes (Renon). With these many options, it will be easy for you to discover the city of Bolzano. 

Follow the footsteps of history thanks to the extensive cultural offer. Between parks, museums, castles and many initiatives, fun is guaranteed also for every type of citizen. There are a lot of sports activities taking place daily along the Talvera river: from ball games and picnics to minigolf and sunbathing. 

Bolzano is not just a gorgeous city but also an outstanding destination from the culinary point of view: you will be able to try the combination of Tyrolean cuisine and Mediterranean flavors in the many restaurants on the city streets. Pair traditional dishes with the great variety of local wines, or if you prefer there are many other options made with local products.

Bolzano landscape
 Picture's credit: Tautvydas Maciulis

South Tyrol 

Whether you know the region already or you are visiting South Tyrol for the first time, there are many things that will surprise you about this region. Let’s have a small overview! 

If you love hiking, cycling, skiing, climbing or ascending by cable car, South Tyrol will amaze you with its magnificent nature and available infrastructures all year round. The emblem of this region is the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You will be able to have incredible experiences, whether it is a hike in the high mountains, or climbing to the summit at sunrise, or the descent on a mountain bike trail, or the silent immersion in the great variety of nature parks. 

Thanks to its special geographical location South Tyrol is a multifaceted region. Here you will find three different languages spoken fluently: Italian, German and Ladin. The various cultural influences that South Tyrol has undergone over time are also evident in the cities’ landscapes, but not only, in fact traces of these can also be found in the food tradition and beverages. 

For generations, the German, Italian and Ladin language groups have coexisted closely. In the valleys and villages of South Tyrol, more than 40 different variants of the Bavarian-like dialect are spoken, while in Bolzano, Merano and the south of the province, Italian prevails. 

In fact, this region has a unique cultural identity thanks to numerous secondary valleys that have been mostly isolated for centuries. In these places customs and traditions are not just mere folklore, but are still alive today as part of everyday life. During the whole year, you will find fascinating traditional celebrations succeeding each other. 

As a region with an important part of the population still dedicated to rural life, it is possible to enjoy the fresh, quality and zero-kilometer products. You will be able to taste these products not just in restaurants, or in the typical mountain hut, but you will be able to purchase them directly at the farm where they are grown or at one of the many farmers' markets (Bauernmarkt) that you can find in each town, especially during harvest time. 

South Tyrol landscape mountains
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The Company 

The cultural identity of this region is reflected also in FlyingBasket, in fact we are a South Tyrolean startup with an international mindset founded in 2015 by Moritz Moroder and Matthias Moroder, two brothers from Val Gardena, Ortisei. The territory also inspired them to start the project of cargo drones, to know more about that click here. 

The headquarters of FlyingBasket are in Bolzano (Bozen) the capital of the autonomous province of South Tyrol.

During the week and sometimes the weekends our company Flub (Fun Club) organizes various fun activities such as football, hiking, bouldering, swimming, escape room, karting and more. Thanks to the range of activities available in the region, both in cities and in more natural landscapes, it is possible to organize different events according to the suggestions of the team. All the activities are sponsored by the company. 

Thanks to this initiative we help our team members to enjoy, not only their time in the office, but also build a friendly and motivating relationship with the whole team in a healthy and fun way! 

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