Whistleblowing Reports

           Following the Legislative Decree of March 10, 2023, no. 24, the Company has established the prescribed channels for receiving and managing whistleblowing reports.

Who can report?

  • Members and people with administration, management, control, supervision, or representation functions, even if these functions are carried out in a de facto manner within the Company;
  • Subordinate workers, interns, freelance workers, professionals, and consultants who work for the Company;
  • Subjects who have held the roles mentioned above in the past if the information on the violations was acquired during the course of the relationship, and subjects with whom the relationship has not yet arisen – for example, candidates for personnel selection or employees during the probationary period. Anonymous reports are accepted, provided they are detailed.

Areas of potential reportingViolations of the Organization, Management, and Control Model adopted pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, as well as unlawful conduct relevant under the same decree, are potentially subject to reporting.

Reporting channelsThe company has entrusted the management of reports to expert and specialized consultants. The available channels for reporting are as follows:

The reporter also has the right to request a direct meeting with the company in charge of managing the reporting channels to submit the report in a confidential interview; it will be sufficient to make a request through one of the two channels mentioned above, leaving a contact for callback.

1. To make an anonymous report, you should use an e-mail account that does not disclose, in the address itself or in the name given, the identity of the reporter. To make an anonymous voice report, use the appropriate options to obscure the calling number made available by your telephone carrier and/or phone.
2. To protect the confidentiality of the Whistleblower, should the Whistleblower wish to withhold consent to the disclosure of his or her identity, written reports should be sent from personal, not corporate, email accounts (therefore, reports should be avoided from accounts on the corporate domain).