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commercial flights, We started Commercial Flights

We started Commercial Flights

This summer we could finally start to perform our first commercial flights. With the start of our delivery service we now transport cargo in remote areas, which are usually only reachable by foot or by helicopter.

We finally got our commercial permit to fly, so that we were able to start our drone-based cargo delivery service. We are flying with our aircraft FB3 to mountain shelters and restaurants in hard-to-reach locations and deliver them fresh groceries. FlyingBasket FB3 is able to transport up to 100 kg of food, water and other payload in order to supply mountain shelters and restaurants.

However, also farmers and forestry workers could profit from our service. One example is the transport of a motor saw and wire winch we carried out in just a couple of minutes, 400 meters higher up to the forest, where it was needed. In the years before, the farmer from the Wipptal Valley had to bring it up by manpower. “This was always a lot of work. We usually brought the wire winch up only with three people helping, and it took us at least half a day”, he explained.

We are happy, that with our help we can make our small contribution to ease peoples life, especially in making such hard work in harsh environment easier and safer.