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Transport by helicopter or drone?

Is a drone better than a helicopter? What conditions must be met to ensure that drones can be an attractive alternative to helicopters for the transport of goods?

In mountainous regions, it is always necessary to deal with rough terrain and inaccessible areas. Very often a helicopter service is the only possibility to carry out cargo transport flights. For the transport of heavy loads (over 700 kg) helicopters are usually a good solution but for smaller loads (30 kg to 400 kg) a cargo drone has many advantages and can represent a good helicopter alternative.

Freight transports, such as of water and food, timber, equipment, climbing gear and other commodities can be carried out quickly and efficiently with drones.

helicopter alternative, Why Drones?

100 – 400 kg payload


low operating costs


short flight times through combination with van

electric propulsion

low risk

helicopter alternative, Why Drones?

700+ kg payload


high investment and operating costs

only profitable for very large payloads

long approach times

high noise pollution and emissions

high risk for pilot

Drones are much more flexible because helicopters are only practical when they are flying at full capacity. High fuel consumption, frequent maintenance, high initial investment, intensive pilot training and usually long approach routes result in substantial costs.
The ability to transport our drone in a van and drive it to the take-off point allows us much lower operating costs. Therefore, our drone can fly more often and transport loads more flexibly. Thus, our drone offers a viable and more cost-effective alternative to a helicopter for transporting loads.

At a time when environmental pressure is increasing, and in such sensitive regions as the Alps with many protected areas such as the unique UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, the Dolomites, helicopters present an enormous environmental challenge. On the one hand, their emissions contain carbon dioxide, which contributes significantly to global warming, and on the other hand, helicopters cause considerable noise pollution. Through the electric driven engine our drone is more environmentally friendly than helicopters.

And last but not least, our drone reduces a large part of the risk to humans, since no on-board pilot is required. Thus, more complicated and ambitious manoeuvres are possible without putting people in danger.

In South Tyrol, our services, i.e. supply of refuges, transport of climbing equipment and other goods transport, are already in use. This means that helicopter services in South Tyrol and the surrounding area can already be replaced without any problems.