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Frequently asked questions


When will the drones be ready for commercial use?

We already offer services with our drones. If you would like to use one of our drone models yourself, please get in touch with us.

Load Transportation

Why should I use a drone and not the helicopter?

Drones can be used in a more flexible way: The drones are able to reach remote places with higher frequency with smaller or equal payloads. Also, the electric drones are more environmentally friendly. In most scenarios, a drone will be the most efficient solution.

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What is the maximum payload that the drones can carry?

At the moment, the FB3 can carry payloads up to 100kg. With the batteries being swappable, greater payloads could be split and carried on multiple flights. For lighter payloads we will use a smaller drone in order to optimize the power consumption.


Are FlyingBasket's drones certified for commercial use?

We have the authorization for commercial operations. We are allowed to operate in different, well-defined scenarios.

Where is it possible to fly? Is my delivery point suitable for drone-delivery?

In general it is possible to fly over unpopulated areas. There are forbidden zones (for example around airports, military training areas and other sensitive areas) where it is not possible to fly without a special permit. Contact us and we will be happy to evaluate your specific case.

Work with us

What are the open positions right now?

You can have a look at the open positions listed here.

I'm interested in the project. How can I support it and be among the first to try it out?

Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to set up a meeting.